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Free up yourself. We can automate your Facebook posting for minimal amount.

| Google | December 9, 2013

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Hi all we can post your stuff in facebook post 24 x 7.    We will send you email for EVERY POST  that we do, this way you will know that we are doing what we promise.  Package is good for a month.


SGD 50.00/month  - 5 facebook group 24×7 with an interval of 1 hr.

  1. Singapore Marketplace
  2. SgBizness
  3. Sg Facebook Likers
  4. Singapore Classified
  5. Barter Singapore


SGD 100.00/month  - 7 facebook group 24×7 with an interval of 30 minutes

  1. Singapore Marketplace
  2. SgBizness
  3. Sg Facebook Likers
  4. Singapore Classified
  5. Barter Singapore
  6. Business Forum Singapore
  7. Buy and Sell Singapore


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Primary & Secondary Schools Holidays for 2013

| Uncategorized | January 7, 2013

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Semester I
After Term I Saturday 16th March to Sunday 24th March
After Term II Saturday 1st June to Sunday 30th June
Semester II
After Term III Saturday 7th September to Sunday 15th September
After Term IV Saturday 16th November to Tuesday 31st December


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Public Holidays 2013 in Singapore

| Uncategorized | January 6, 2013

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New Year’s Day Tuesday 1 January
Chinese New Year * Sunday 10 February
* Monday 11 February
Good Friday Friday 29 March
Labour Day Wednesday 1 May
Vesak Day Friday 24 May
Hari Raya Aidilfitri Thursday 8 August
National Day Friday 9 August
Hari Raya Haji Tuesday 15 October
Deepavali# ** Sunday 3 November
Christmas Day Wednesday 25 December

* As Chinese New Year falls on Sun 10 Feb and Mon 11 Feb, the next day, Tue 12 Feb will be a public holiday.
**The following Monday will be a public holiday.
#The date for Deepavali needs to be checked against the Indian Almanac when it is available. Should there be a change in date, the Ministry of Manpower will issue a media release to announce the change.

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The Small Business Start-Up Guide: A Surefire Blue

| Google | January 5, 2013

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Most popular business startup eBay auctions:

[wprebay kw="business+startup" num="0" ebcat="-1"]

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Facebook Advertising and marketing – Make Use Of This Social Networking to develop Your Small company

| Uncategorized | October 26, 2012

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What’s Facebook’s function running a business improvement?

The internet has assisted enterprise to visualize global dimensions within the first phases alone. What can have customarily cost a colossus when it comes to around-the-ocean marketing, or trans-border marketing has turn to be substantially less pricey, using the evolution from the online technological know-how. It isn’t just the cost effectiveness but additionally time-zone-transcendental phenomenon from the “I” energy, which helps you remain ‘connected’ always.

With this kind of a scenario presented within the online room, social networks this type of as Facebook can help you connect with serve your company enterprise interests. Having a person-base of greater than 61 million, there’s a wider achieve to enterprise-profiles, entrepreneurs (budding and established), that you is capable of through the web-site.

In ways, social media internet sites can provide a jumpstart for your small company if you possess the directions and pointers ideal, and these types of because the ones like Facebook, can enjoy a proper position in company rise in duration, breadth and depth.

The to start with stage is creating a profile for the company. Just prior to going about starting your small company profile on Facebook, you have to frame your important advertising techniques, in regards to what would be the targets you have to achieve for the enterprise, and also the scope of the company efficiency as well as your enterprise stability within the on the internet medium of advertising and marketing. After you have these parameters defined, you will find the first step toward a business profile, which you’ll develop by using a few of the customized instruments in Facebook. Some applications may also be downloaded as based on your business requirement. If you have the framework ready, you need to determine hyperlinks/contacts with this framework, to ensure that your organization community grows or back-links with other firms. You will find innovative characteristics and advanced search criteria in Facebook by means of which you’ll look for business contacts or make contact with hi-profile enterprise folks. Because the answer to growing your Facebook base it is vital to create a profile that is beautiful, authentic and getting. Because the initially impression to some prospective organization partner or perhaps a buyer, your company profile may be the first strategic window within the community of Facebook customers and outdoors the boundary from the website as correctly. Your profile could be forecasted like a organization badge in other networking internet sites, sites and many more.

From to be the ‘face’ of the enterprise profile, Facebook part in organization enhancement could be substantiated via various applications this kind of as MyBox, Small company cards which may be downloaded in the website. Aside from these, characteristics and instruments these types of as producing occasions, or writing notes or bulletins about proper company developments will help in making the most of your company potential when you are a medium of promoting along with a platform for joint-endeavors along with other organization of common interests.

Facebook has features to record out focal points for the company. You can classify your friends’ record as top close buddies, website good buddies, with socialistic applications, interactive good buddies graph, and applications without charge conference calls.

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Singapore F1 – 2012 Night Race Singapore Race

| Uncategorized | September 14, 2012

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8 days left for the Singapore F1 race

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Free Facebook Coupon Code when you reached 200 likes

| Uncategorized | July 13, 2012

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Great news today.  My facebook fan page have just reached 200 likes!  The next big thing is that I just got an email from facebook for a SGD 50.00 free coupon code.  WOW.

Attached is the email sent by FB.

facebook free coupon code

FB Free coupon code


But when creating your ads be sure to change the ads “RUN DATE” or you will end up paying FB with more.   TAKE NOTE Don’t forget to change the run date, for my case I set the maximum daily limit to SGD 10 per / day to run for 5 days.


Thanks FB.

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